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Vermiculite ceiling


Vermiculite ceiling


What is a Vermiculite ceiling – also referred to as a Popcorn Ceiling? – It is a sprayed on dull grey or brown looking textured concrete type finish resembling popcorn.  The textured finish acts as an acoustic sound reducing barrier which is why it was so popular in multi-storey home units and many commercial buildings back in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

The vermiculite does not need to be removed it can be rejuvenated to a bright soft white ceiling by painting with Durobond Vermiculite Recoat a water-based product that will seal, bind and finish using the one product.  The product is suitable for both domestic and commercial use.

Durobond Paints have been manufacturing this eco-friendly Vermiculite Recoat product for more than 15 years with excellent results. Vermiculite Recoat White is a dense, high opacity coating designed especially for application directly onto shabby Vermiculite Ceilings also known as Popcorn Ceilings. Vermiculite Recoat White binds back any loose Vermiculite, it also seals in stains and gives a finish using the one product.  The resulting transformation from a dull and light absorbing ceiling to a brighter clean reflective ceiling is made possible by the hi-build formulation and the in-built resistance of the film to stain bleeding.  When dry the ceilings can be dusted and cleaned.  The end colour result is a soft white.  Vermiculite Recoat is a VOC free, flame retardant and anti-mould formulation.

Before rejuvenating vermiculite ceilings, it will often be necessary to repair small sections that have been damaged or have fretted.  This can be achieved by using raw vermiculite mixed to a paste with a small quantity of the Durobond Vermiculite Recoat. Apply using a brush to cracks, gaps, gouges in the ceiling. For larger areas roll on then stipple with brush. Allow repairs to dry overnight before continuing with  full application of the Vermiculite Recoat White.

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