Water-Based Products

Durobond Eco-Friendly water-based paints are phthalates and ammonia free,VOCfree (less than1% unless stated otherwise), allergy free and low odour and all are formulated to Tropical Strength Anti-Mould level for resistance against mildew, algae’s and lichens.

All products are UV protected, superior quality, tested and proven for their particular function.

Vermiculite Recoat

Eco-Friendly Durobond Vermiculite Recoat is a dense, high opacity coating designed specially for application directly onto shabby Vermiculite (“popcorn”) ceilings.  Bring yesteryear’s grubby Vermiculite (‘Popcorn’) ceilings into the 21st century with a bright clean fresh look that improves beyond all expectations the comfort and enjoyment of your living ambience. No need to suffer dark, light absorbing vermiculite/ popcorn ceilings any longer. No more dust fall out either. Durobond Vermiculite Recoat is a 3-in-one product – it binds back any loose Vermiculite, it seals in stains and gives a finish all in one. The end result will transform your ceilings into a brighter clean reflective surface made possible by the hi-build formulation and the in-built resistance of the film to stain bleeding. When dry the ceilings can be dusted and cleaned. Flame retarded formula.

NOTE – standard house paints will not block and seal off stains nor provide the film build needed for this application.

Stage Paint

Durobond Aqua-Pave® Stage Paint is formulated from a Polyacrylate base with polymer modification to provide added adhesion, and resistance to abrasion and staining, with excellent exterior durability. Durobond Aqua-Pave® Stage Paint is a water-based, hardwearing weather and water resistant sealer for concrete, brick, sandstone and most timbers, ply and MDF.

The product resists blocking, meaning that surfaces do not easily stick together. This makes it ideally suited to the coating of panels that are to be transported, such as stage flooring.

The product is available as a gloss or low sheen finish in clear or pigmented. The formulation is Flame-Retarded and Tropical Anti-Mould protected.


Eco-friendly Durobond Aqua-Cover® range is a superior quality modified acrylic coating for exterior and interior finishing. The finish attained is durable and washable, with attractive sheens for all finishes.  The UV cross linking formula has special flow additives to help form an even, smooth film with a tough, flexible finish.

Use as a top coat on:  gyprock, plaster board, concrete, render, masonry, bricks, fibreboard cement, bagging, and primed and undercoated timber, dressed and rough sawn timber.   Excellent for use in:  bathrooms, kitchens, laundries, toilets and all living areas.

Gloss levels:  Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Satin Finish, Low Sheen.

This range is excellent for the exhibition industry.

Allergy free, phthalates and ammonia free, VOC Free (less than 1%).

Ultra-Seal (2-pack)

A 2-pack water-based interior and exterior sealer based on water miscible polyurethanes for a multitude of uses where an abrasive-and-chemical resistant coating is specified. Supplied with a catalyst (added at 1%) for extra enhanced properties. Highly resistant to traffic and staining: good chemical, petrol and oil resistance. Use on timber and many other surfaces. Available as a Gloss or Low Sheen finish.

PHTHALATE AND AMMONIA Free, VOC Free (with catalyst added VOC content <0.4%)

Aqua-Cover® Primer Sealer

3-in-1 general-purpose, easy to apply, primer-sealer-undercoat for Gyprock, interior and exterior masonry, brick, cement render, plaster, Hardiplank. Easy-to-sand properties make it ideal for interior woodwork. Resists stain transfer from smoke and other contaminants. Excellent for the exhibition industry.


Water based flexible clear penetrating sealer for surfaces needing a binding, highly adhesive seal, such as chalky, perished or fretting substrates. Its outstanding binding properties make it highly adhesive to most surfaces, and cohesive to Durobond finishing coats.

Excellent as a primer on topside Asbestos Sheet before applying Durobond Flexi-Guard Membrane.

Use Super-Seal as a sealer on flooring for encapsulation purposes prior to overlay of timber flooring. Can be used as a preparatory coating on freshly cleaned cement roof tiles, Hardiflex™, fibrous plaster, Besser™ blocks, cement render, asbestos.

PHTHALATE AND AMMONIA Free, VOC content less than 30gms per litre (<3%)