Solvent Based Products

Using the highest quality raw materials Durobond Solvent Based paints are manufactured for specific industrial and commercial applications.

Epoxy 21 Paving (2-Pack)

2-Pack coating for protection against harsh chemicals and mechanical attack providing excellent adhesion to concrete. Used for chemical storage areas, mechanical workshop floors, shop floors, restaurant kitchens, wet areas etc. The Durobond Epoxy System employs “user friendly” solvents of very low toxicity, low vapour transmission and low odour.  Its strong points lie in its outstanding adhesion, durability, chemical and traffic resistance and ease of cleaning.  These outstanding properties make Durobond Epoxy 21 the 1st choice as a tough coating for industrial, commercial and domestic floors, a highly resistant wall finish for laboratories, workshops and cool rooms. It is approved for use in food preparation areas – compliant with FDA Title 21 CFR requirements and is safe, after curing, for use in food contact situations. It has a proven record of outstanding performance in workshops and warehouses where the floor may be subjected to heavy wear and / or chemical spillages, including brake fluid, many acids, alkalies, solvents, fruit juices and many other contaminants.

For surfaces requiring a higher degree of fill Durobond Epoxy Primer 2-Pack is required as a base coat.

Note:  Clear Epoxy finishes when used externally can form a chemical chalk on the surface resulting in a slightly hazy appearance.  This does not affect the performance of the product.

Exterior Oil Stain

This is an oil rich sealer and weather proofing treatment for timbers and particle boards. The product is available in a semi-transparent finish as Exterior Oil Stain Natural Cedar. The product contains essential oils to protect the timber cells from the effects of weathering including premature drying, ultra-violet attack, dry rot and termite attack, and assisting prevention of grain splitting.